Direct-Care Benefits for Patient

Direct-Care Benefits for Patient

For our patients, this direct-care, self-pay model provides so many benefits. These include:

Affordable & Transparent pricing.

Our fee schedule for medical services can be found below and in the “pricing” section. By eliminating high middle men costs, we are able to pass those savings onto you.  For those who are self-pay or have high-deductible health insurance plans, this saves you a lot of money! You won’t get a surprise bill in the mail after your visit. What you pay at the time of your office visit is the only fee you owe.

More face-to-face time with the doctor during your appointment.

 Instead of seeing upwards of 50 patients a day (as many dermatologists and physician assistants do), Dr. Chiang limits the daily visits to around 15 patients. Your visit with us will be relaxed and unrushed.

High quality care.

High quality care with a board-certified M.D. dermatologist that trained at the best hospitals and schools in the United States (Princeton University & Cleveland Clinic Foundation)

Affordable prescriptions.

Affordable prescriptions. We dispense some generic and compounded medications in-office. This gives you better medication for less money. And it saves you a trip to your pharmacy!

Discounted lab work and pathology.

We have deeply discounted bloodwork and pathology fees for those that are self-pay.

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