Self Pay Medical Dermatology Prices

Time (minutes) Visit Price ($)
Cosmetic Consult Complimentary
Up to 10 minutes $85
11-20 minutes $135
21-30 minutes $175
Every additional 10 minutes $50
Additional add-on procedures Cost of Add-on Procedure ($)
Freezing 1 lesion $25
Freezing each additional lesion $10
Shave biopsy $50 (does not include Pathologist Fee)
Punch biopsy $100 (does not include Pathologist Fee)
Removal of 1 skin tag $25
Each additional skin tag removed $10
Kenalog Injections $50
Incision & Drainage $25
Bacterial, Fungal, Viral Culture or Swab $25 (does not include Microbiology Lab Fee)
Microbiology Laboratory Fee $30
Pathology Fee (billed by pathology lab to patient directly) $50 + $50 for each additional special stain

Self Pay Surgical Dermatology Prices

Stand-alone Procedure  Cost of Stand-alone Procedure ($)
Excision with repair $500-$1000 depending on the complexity operation
Electrodessication and Curettage $175
Ear lobe repair with our plastic surgeon $500-$750

CCPDMA Surgery:  Excision with our plastic surgeon & margin assessment with our pathologist

Stand-alone Procedure  Cost of Stand-alone Procedure ($)
1st layer $700
Each additional layer $400

CCPDMA Repair 

Stand-alone Procedure  Cost of Stand-alone Procedure ($)
Complex repair 2.5cm or < $500
Complex repair 2.6cm – 7.5 cm $600
Complex repair 7.6cm -12.5cm $700
Skin graft $700
Flap $500-$1500

Examples of typical dermatology concerns we see in our office and the time it takes to address them. These are examples only. Visit durations will vary from patient to patient. Please use this only as a rough guide.

10 Minute Visit:

  1. Follow up for a few lesions
  2. Follow up for stable and/or improving acne/ eczema/psoriasis for refills
  3. New limited warts 
  4. New limited lesions
  5. Subcutaneous medication delivery by Medical Assistant ie. biologic injections

11-20 Minute Visit:

  1. Comprehensive skin exam for those with no skin cancer history and <10 moles
  2. Localized rash
  3. Limited Acne/Psoriasis/Eczema patient
  4. New lesions requiring biopsy
  5. New melasma consultation

21-30 Minute Visit: 

  1. Comprehensive skin exam for those with extensive skin cancer history or >10 moles
  2. Extensive rash
  3. Extensive Acne/Psoriasis/Eczema requiring a prolonged discussion 
  4. Hair loss consultation
  5. Patients with diagnosis requiring extensive medication monitoring/counseling

30+ Minute Visit:

  1. Patients with multiple problems requiring counseling/monitoring