Small breast

Most commonly a result of decreased size in the breast glands in proportion to the body. Breast augmentation places an implant that provides projection behind the breast gland or chest muscles, thus enlarging the breast.

Loss of breast volume

As aging progresses, some of the firm breast gland tissue is replaced by fatty tissue. This causes the breast to loose volume, projection, and firmness. Breast augmentation places an implant that replaces some of the lost volume.

Asymmetrical breasts

Although some degree of breast asymmetry is common and difficult to notice, significant unevenness of the breasts is obvious and distressful. Placement of implants can increase the volume of a smaller uneven breast.

Young woman wearing white bra.

Success Stories

Female patient before breast augmentation procedure.. Female patient after breast augmentation procedure.

Individual results may vary*

Why choose precision plastic surgery for your breast augmentation surgery

Reduce your discomfort

Dr. Rueda uses a special technique of injectable long acting medication that reduces the postoperative discomfort patients may feel after surgery. In some patients Dr. Rueda has noticed up to 40% reduced discomfort after surgery.

Minimize your Incisions

Dr. Rueda specializes on hidden short scar techniques that are seamless wearing a bra or bikini.

Durable Results

Although breast augmentation relies on the implant to achieve the contour and size changes, it is important to choose the implant wisely to optimize the results and reduce future needs of breast revision surgery. Dr. Rueda has mastered techniques that allow results of breast augmentation to last.

Steven Rueda, M.D.

Plastic, Reconstructive, and Hand Surgeon

Dr. Steven Rueda is one of the best doctors for Plastic, Reconstructive, and Hand Surgery in Palm Beach. With 10 years of surgical experience, over 2500 cases, and one of the best surgical training in the country, Dr. Rueda’s patients can feel confident they are entrusting their health and body to the right hands.

A Top Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon Specialized In Surgical And Non-Surgical Procedures.

  • Chief of Plastic Surgery at St. Mary’s Medical Center
  • Cleveland Clinic Foundation trained (Top 2 Hospital in the US)
  • Surgical experience of 10 years and over 2,500 procedures
  • Author in expert Plastic Surgery international journals and book
  • Top 1% in the US national Plastic Surgery exam
  • Specializing in aesthetic plastic surgery of the face, body, and reconstructive face and hand surgery
  • Assistant Professor of Surgery at FAU, Chief of Plastic Surgery at St. Mary’s Hospital
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Dr. Steven Rueda


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