Not many of us are born with perfect lips. Yet, your lips are still considered an invaluable facial feature. Not only do they add beauty and convey emotion, but they also aid in proper speech and swallowing. Therefore, patients that have lip abnormalities may suffer from both aesthetic and functional consequences. At Precision Medical Specialists, we are equipped to provide lip enhancement as well as cosmetic procedures that repair and reconstruct lip defects. Using an artistic eye and trained precision, our plastic surgeons can create the full and balanced lips you always wanted or lips that may have been damaged from an injury or illness.

Whether you have a minor defect that has always bothered you or a severe abnormality that limits normal speech, we can deliver the compassionate, patient-centered care you deserve and the state-of-the-art surgical techniques you need when it comes to lip reconstruction in Wellington.

Cosmetic Repair for Lip Defects

While there are many female patients who want bigger or more sensual lips, there are plenty of other patients who simply want lips that aren’t deformed or irregularly shaped. There are several reasons why patients need lip reconstruction, all of which are either uncontrollable or unavoidable. Lip reconstruction can address lip defects that were caused by the following:

  • Congenital malformation
  • Injury or trauma
  • Facial Nerve Paralysis
  • Removal of cancerous lesion
  • Following cleft lip repair

Lip reconstruction can involve a number of procedure techniques that can correct aesthetic flaws, functional issues, or both. The timing of your surgery is important and strongly influenced by the type and cause of your lip defect. Traumatic injuries to the lip should be addressed as soon as possible. For children who have had cleft lip repair as a baby, a lip reconstruction is often performed when the child is older.

To learn which surgical methods your lip reconstruction may involve, please schedule a consultation with one of our esteemed facial plastic surgeons at Precision Medical Specialists. Our clinic is committed to using the most advanced and proven techniques in plastic surgery so that patients achieve the best possible outcome when seeking cosmetic correction of their most delicate facial features.