If you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, you understand how frustrating and debilitating this condition can be, especially when it affects your hands. Whether you’ve been forced to stop gardening or ask others to open your bottles, rheumatoid arthritis in your fingers, wrist and hands can disrupt your quality of life and take you out of your normal, everyday activities.

Treatment of rheumatoid arthritis should always include a multi-specialty approach between internists, rheumatologist and a hand surgeon. Since this common disease has no real cure, it is important to find the most effective strategy to manage the pain and prevent its progression. In terms of arthritis in your joints and tendons, this involves finding ways to reduce the inflammation, which in turn improves mobility and comfort.

If you’ve tried oral medications such as ibuprofen or steroids and continue to struggle with arthritis discomfort, it may be time to consider another minimally-invasive treatment approach before you resort to surgery.

Cortisone Steroid Shot for Inflammation, Arthritis

Cortisone is a type of steroid that has been proven to reduce inflammation when strategically injected into painful joints and tendons of the body. Unlike oral steroids, cortisone steroid shots stay localized within the treated area of the body with little to no side effects. At Precision Medical Specialists, we recommend cortisone injections as a minimally-invasive approach to reduce inflammation and treat hand arthritis and tendinitis, including carpal tunnel syndrome and other similar conditions. They are also ideal for patients who have failed to find relief with oral medication, rest or wearing splints. It is a favorable alternative for those who are not ready or willing to undergo surgical treatment.

Steroid injections are considered a quick, effective and versatile treatment for pain relief. Many patients find that these injections work for weeks or months at a time. The number of injections per site is limited so it is important to follow physician guidelines in terms of spacing out your cortisone treatments. Our physician performs these targeted injections under ultrasound guidance to ensure the most precise and strategic placement of the steroid. Not only can cortisone shots help patients feel better, but they can also be diagnostic as well. Pain relief can confirm or deny a certain diagnosis for our physician.

For more information on what to expect from a cortisone injection for your rheumatoid arthritis in your hands, please call Precision Medical Specialists. In addition to injection therapy, we are also qualified and equipped to provide various surgical procedures for this painful condition.