Although they are mainly considered as a functional feature, the ears can have an influential role in one’s appearance. Not only can the ears be unattractive in their size, but they can also have unsightly characteristics or even damage, especially within the lobe of the ear. In fact, the earlobes have a common rate of injury or damage over time, particularly if you’ve worn heavy earrings. When this area of the ear is torn, it can’t repair itself on its own. In most patients, the earlobes heal but remain split in appearance.

Regardless of the reason for your torn earlobes, you should know that a skilled plastic surgeon can help. Torn earlobe repair requires the delicate hands of a plastic surgeon in order to repair the tear with minimal scarring. The earlobes are constructed of very soft skin and fatty tissue, making them easily susceptible to damage. Excessive weight from jewelry and trauma can easily overcome the strength of the earlobe, making it necessary for cosmetic or reconstructive repair to be done.

Don’t worry, torn earlobe repair is one of the simplest and most painless procedures in facial plastic surgery. In fact, it is typically done in the office under local anesthesia or a lidocaine numbing ointment. Once the earlobe is fully numbed, the earlobe tear will be sewn together with fine suture threads. Depending on the most strategic technique for optimal healing, the sutures can be a straight line or a zigzag line. In any case, the scar will be hidden and minimized.

You can expect your earlobes to heal quickly after your procedure. However, you should be prepared to wait at least two months before getting your ears re-pierced. It is best to wear only small studs at first to allow your earlobes to regain strength. Since earlobes are comprised of very soft tissues, it is not uncommon to lose some permanent strength in your earlobe after it has been torn. We generally recommend light-weight earrings going forward.

Do you avoid earrings due to a torn earlobe you suffered as a teen or young adult? At Precision Medical Specialists, we recognize the small imperfections that can cause major disruptions to your self-esteem. Contact our board certified plastic surgeons today to learn more about torn earlobe repair and other facial reconstructive procedures.