While it may serve as a daily reminder of one of the happiest moments in your life, it’s okay to wish your C-section scar wasn’t there. Up to 30% of babies are delivered via cesarean section. A notable percentage of those new moms also have the visible scarring to prove it. C-section scars can be discolored, raised or indented with a flap. Regardless of the form it takes, these lower abdominal scars often cause women to pack away their bikinis and hide their stomachs out of embarrassment. Fortunately, a skilled plastic surgeon can help.

Ways to Remove a C-Section Scar

There are various cosmetic procedures for to address a C-section scar, including surgical scar revision, liposuction and advanced laser treatments that can reduce these unsightly horizontal scars. These can be quick and minimally-invasive procedures to flatten or lighten C-section scars.

Add a Mini Tummy Tuck for the Win

Depending on your personal goals as well as the nature and severity of your stomach scar, however, you may opt for a mini tummy tuck. This procedure aims to remove excess fat, tighten the abdomen muscles and hide the C-section scar below the bikini line. For many women, this is a win-win solution that addresses their stubborn post-baby stomach bulge as well as the noticeable scarring that their cesarean delivery left behind. Most of all, it can help women reclaim the confidence they deserve as a new mother.

Are you interested in C-section scar removal as part of a “Mommy Makeover” procedure? You’ve earned it. At Precision Medical Specialists, we love helping women reclaim their pre-pregnancy body after childbirth! Call today to learn what you can expect from minimally-invasive C-section scar removal or a Mommy Makeover.