Cortisone is a type of steroid that has been proven to reduce inflammation when strategically injected into painful joints and tendons of the body. Unlike oral steroids, cortisone steroid shots stay localized within the treated area of the body with little to no side effects. At Precision Medical Specialists, we recommend cortisone injections as a minimally-invasive approach to reduce inflammation and treat conditions such as hand and finger arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and other similar conditions that involve painful joints. They are also ideal for patients who have failed to find relief with oral medication, rest or wearing splints. It is a favorable alternative for those who are not ready or willing to undergo surgical treatment.

Steroid injections are considered a quick, effective and versatile treatment for pain relief. They can be performed in various regions of the body, but they are especially beneficial when injected into arthritic joints or around inflamed tendons. Not only can cortisone shots help patients feel better, but they can also be diagnostic as well. Pain relief can confirm or deny a certain diagnosis for our physician.

What to Expect from a Cortisone Injection

Getting a steroid injection is a simple and brief procedure that can be done in the comfort of our clinic. The injection site is cleaned and numbed so discomfort is very minimal. Our physicians use advanced techniques to ensure the cortisone is injected precisely where it will be most effective. The results of a steroid shot are typically not felt until 2 to 5 days after the procedure.

After the injection, patients are encouraged to stay mildly to moderately active. It is important to avoid strenuous activities. The pain relief provided by a cortisone injection varies from patient to patient. Some may benefit from long-lasting improvement, while others experience more short-term relief. The number of injections per site is limited so it is important to follow physician guidelines in terms of spacing out your cortisone treatments.

To learn more about how a cortisone steroid shot could relieve your arthritis pain in your hand, wrist or elbow, call Precision Medical Specialists. We look forward to delivering world-class care with a personalized treatment approach.