An acne-ridden complexion can seem like a rite of passage for both boys and girls during adolescence. Those reputable surging hormones typically get the blame. While some teens suffer more than others, acne can be a real threat to their sensitive self-esteem during these turbulent years of growth.

If you have a teenager who is battling acne, you won’t have to look hard to find acne products on the grocery store shelves. However, what works for one teen may not work for yours. In fact, selecting the right OTC acne treatment can be quite overwhelming and frustrating. It is not uncommon to need professional help for teenage acne.

Letting a Specialist Handle Breakouts

Is it time to see a dermatologist for your child’s acne? There’s no rule about how many products you need to try or how bad the acne needs to get before you seek professional help. A dermatologist not only brings expansive knowledge in diagnosing and treating acne, but they also have access to modern products, prescriptions and treatment modalities that you can’t get over the counter. Seeking a dermatologist early can reduce your teen’s angst and embarrassment as well as save you from wasted money in trying to find the right store-bought products.

At Precision Medical Specialists, we would love to help you gain a clear and confident complexion. If you are wondering if you need a dermatologist’s help for teenage acne, ask yourself the following:

  • Is the acne severe or not clearing with over-the-counter treatments?
  • Is your teen suffering from side effects or irritation from OTC acne products?
  • Are you concerned about the long-term expense of ongoing acne products from the drug store?
  • Are you worried about permanent acne scars?
  • Are you confident it is acne?

Discover Effective Acne Treatment from a Dermatologist

Is it time to surrender your teenager’s acne to a physician who specializes in skin care? At Precision Medical Specialists, we are confident we can help reduce acne breakouts for you or your child. Depending on the type of acne you have, Dr. Chiang may recommend diet modification, bloodwork or prescription treatment with topical retinoid, topical antibiotics, oral antibiotics, oral contraceptive pills, anti-androgen pills, Accutane or even an injection into the acne lesion itself. Your treatment will be always personalized to address your unique acne type and skin condition. Call our Wellington office today.