While breast surgery often focuses on augmentation, the importance of breast reduction can be overlooked. Overly large breasts can create deep grooves in the shoulders as bra straps struggle to hold up excess tissue and fat. This strain on the shoulders can cause neck pain. Lower back strain occurs as the body tries to find a center of balance.

The weight of the breasts themselves causes droopiness and even pain in the breast tissues. Women often forgo physical activities and experience self-esteem issues. Breast reduction surgery addresses all these problems and lifts the breasts for a firmer, youthful appearance.

Immediate and Effective Results

The results of removing the excess skin and tissue are immediately clear. You will have a reduction in shoulder, back and neck pain. Your profile will be lifted and contoured. After recovery, you will be able to participate comfortably in physical activity. It can be an exciting time to try activities you previously avoided for reasons of appearance or pain. Breast reduction can be a positive, life-changing experience for women who have been held back from the things they want to do because of breast size.

While your breasts may feel larger or harder than you expected, once the post-operative swelling fades, you will have a lovely contour and natural feeling. Incision marks will also fade over time. You may notice your breasts are not completely symmetrical. This is a normal feature of natural breasts. Your surgeon will make them comparable in size to appear as though they were naturally formed.

One Size Does Not Fit All

A highly skilled plastic surgeon can help you determine the breast size that works best for your body type. Breasts that are too large will only partially solve the problem, and breasts that are too small will look disproportionate to the rest of your physique. Finding the perfect balance of size and appearance will provide the best results.

When breast size is affecting your quality of life, self-esteem or otherwise stopping you from doing what you want to do, contact Precision Medical Specialists for a breast reduction consultation.