Many people begin to notice early signs of aging, such as a sagging jawline, lines around your mouth and subtle wrinkling in their early forties. If you look in the mirror and see gravity starting to take its toll, you may wonder if it’s time for a facelift.

For the early signs of aging, a full facelift may be too severe, resulting in the appearance of having “work done.” The overall look you are going for is a personal choice, with no right or wrong answer. However, if you are looking to minimize the signs of early aging and maintain a natural appearance, the mini facelift might be the perfect fit for you.

Why Choose a Mini Facelift?

Mini facelifts are a great choice for younger individuals with sagging jowls and signs of aging around the neck area. It uses techniques similar to a traditional facelift but has smaller incisions, so the results are more natural-looking. You will look youthful and rejuvenated, and people will not be able to pinpoint what you are doing differently.

While the mini facelift excels at correcting problems with the lower face, they can be combined with upper face procedures to address hooded eyes or crow’s feet. Mini facelifts are not the choice for significant wrinkling or extremely loose jowl skin. These issues are best addressed with a traditional facelift.

Long-lasting and Natural Results

The subtle tightening of the mini facelift has earned it the nickname of the ‘ponytail facelift,’ because it is a permanent effect similar to that of the lift a tight ponytail creates. It is also called the ‘weekend facelift,’ because of its quick recovery time compared to a traditional facelift.

A mini facelift can ward off significant signs of aging for many years. As an added benefit, a mini facelift is repeatable. As the natural aging process continues, you can opt to have additional mini lifts. This ensures you always have natural results while looking younger and well-rested.

If you feel you are looking older, contact Precision Medical Specialists to discuss a discreet, natural-looking mini facelift.