Your skin is the largest organ of your body, with a critical role of protecting it. While you may think you are well acquainted with your skin because you see it every day, the majority of your skin involves components that are unseen. In short, your skin is much more than meets the eye.

The Layers of Your Skin

While no one has the exact same skin, there are some general characteristics about all types of skin. Here’s a closer look at the three main layers of your skin:

  • Epidermis – This is the top layer of your skin, or the part that is visible. It is a thin layer that is in charge of regenerating new cells and giving your skin its color by making melanin. Perhaps the biggest role of the epidermis is to protect your body; it contains special immune building cells that fight off threats to your body’s health.
  • Dermis – The next layer of skin is thicker than the top layer. It has a number of responsibilities, including making sweat to keep your body cooled down, growing hair, making oil and delivering blood to the skin. The dermis also contains nerves that allow you to feel touch, temperature and other sensations on the skin.
  • Subcutaneous Fat -The deepest layer of skin stores fat. It also helps the skin attach to your bones and muscles as well as keeps your body at an optimal temperature. Without this padded bottom layer of skin, your bones wouldn’t have sufficient protection from external trauma or falls.

Embracing Your Unique Skin

Just like your thumbprint, your skin is unique to you and only you. It is also one of the most ever-changing organs of your body. Skin evolves every day based on factors such as age, health, environment, climate and habits like your diet and activities. It should come to no surprise, therefore, that the way you care for your skin may need frequent adjustment and attention too. When it comes to the unwanted changes in your skin, like wrinkles, pigmentation or sagging, it also makes sense that you may want some help to improve the way it looks.

At Precision Medical Specialists, we help you get to know the skin you’re in so that you can care for it best. Whether you need dermatology services to treat irritated or uncomfortable skin or you’d like to explore our cosmetic procedures to improve your skin’s appearance, we can help. Our broad spectrum of dermatology and plastic surgery services means we can address all types of skin concerns in one place. Does your skin need attention? Call our Wellington office today.